A Mata for Every Mata

A Mata for Every Mata

Mata means mother in Hindi, y’all, and Mata Traders was so named in part to honor the women at our cooperatives.

So, what to get for the mothers you know and love on this Mother’s Day?  We’ve got some fabulous gift suggestions for all the mothers in your life!

For the expecting or new mom, the Sula dress is perfect in several ways.  For one thing, the billowy cut is roomy enough for a growing belly, as seen here on Mata Mama, Emily, at 8 1/2 months pregnant.

But that’s not all:  once baby is here, the tie shoulder straps provide easy access to boobie release for breast feeding.  No need to pull the dress up to your shoulders.  Just untie, unclip one of those special breast feeding bras, and you’re ready.  Do you know of any other dress that does that?

This season, the Sula dress comes in 3 prints to choose from:  blue, green, and rust.

For the young, hip mom, well, just about any Mata will work for her.  But, I’m recommending the Sweet Escape dress paired with a tie dye scarf and diamond earrings.  The Sweet Escape is a comfortable, multifunctional dress that you can dress up for a special occasion or dress down for everyday activities.  Throw it on with flip-flops for errands, pair it with nicer sandals for a picnic, or style it with pumps for date night.  The dress has wide enough straps to hide bra straps, and the empire silhouette is a flattering fit, accentuating the bust while camouflaging the waist.  The dress comes in 2 original Mata block prints:  black and white and yellow pineapple.  If you want to give her a complete look, try our new and super-soft tie dyed scarves with hand embroidery (in black or teal) and a pair of funky, lightweight diamond earrings (in silver or gold).

For the mature, stylish mom, – her kids are getting older now but she still likes to put together a good look – I recommend the Samba skirt, the Bolero jacket, and the Macrame necklace.  The jacket is a bargain, on sale for only $15, and the multi-strand, beaded Macrame necklace, which is always a good deal at $22, is one of our perennial best sellers and comes in gold, teal, purple, red, orange, light blue, green,
and yellow.

For grandma, the Silver Ring necklace is a fool-proof choice – she’ll absolutely love it!  She can wear it long or double it up.  Grandmas like to match, and since this necklace has just about every color in it, I guarantee she’ll say, “It goes with everything!”  Two more great gift ideas for grandma: the Embroidered stole and a set of Toiletry bags.

ps. If you’re looking for a dress for grandma, we’ve found that a surprising number of old ladies at street festivals buy the Sula dress (the one recommended above for pregnant and nursing moms).

pps. For even more gift ideas, check out all of our fair trade products!