• Mata Traders
  • 18 Jun, 2015

No matter what season it is, geometric shapes, edges, and angles are always in style. I’m constantly flipping through books in the library on all things design, because anything can become inspiration for a Mata pattern. My apartment is not only full of books on traditional textiles but also books on furniture, architecture and fashion– you never know what’ll stick. Every once in a while I find a piece of a chair, section of a building, or shape of a hat that I sketch, tessellate, and it eventually becomes part of the collection.

This pattern was inspired from a book I have of traditional Korean designs. In the past, we have used some of these traditional patterns, giving them a contemporary twist by using bright colors. This time was no different! We kept the black and white for the timeless and classy look, but added a blue and turquoise color combo to make it a bit more fun.

We used this diamond pattern on the Posie Pocket skirt, the Community Garden dress and the Notched Pocket dresses in both blue and black. The red and orange hand stitching adds a special touch to the garments, sure to be show-stopping outfits this summer. Add boots, tights, and a cardi, and you’re good to go year-round!

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