It’s hard to think about with all of this heat but our fall collection is almost here, you guys! We figured you might be itching for a sneak peek so thought we’d let you in on some behind the scenes action from our fall ’15 catalog shoot.

We had been brainstorming about the setting for a while, and were lucky enough to discover that our neighbors across the hall had a gorgeous studio space! Jessie Mott, an artist, and Pamela Bannos, a photographer and researcher, have an east-facing wall of windows and huge white walls covered in Jessie’s artwork. We were thrilled when they graciously agreed to allow us to shoot there, and once we found our photographer Evan, we got even more excited to see the fall pieces in such an interesting backdrop.

To prep for the shoot, we laid out all the jewelry, and our interns Yuki and Min worked on a fun DIY project- making a backdrop of cone garlands out of scrap paper.

There was hardly any prep work to get the space ready– Jessie’s work was up on the walls and scattered around the studio. It was just the artsy vibe we were going for.

Jessie with her newest fan, Jonit

Jessie has exhibited all over the world and has been featured in Chicago Magazine and at the Whitney Biennial. Many of her paintings depict dreamy, species-ambiguous creatures, painted with colorful and sometimes faceted limbs–a real inspiration for a photo shoot involving a lot of graphic prints. We spent so much of the weekend looking through them all that we ended up purchasing a few!

Some of the final shots that made it into the catalog:

Most of us here at Mata are creative, artsy folk, so having our products surrounded by Jessie’s work was a real treat. Their studio was a vibrant, invigorating backdrop for our already colorful prints. Thanks Jessie and Pamela!

Check back this fall to see the rest of the photos from the shoot (and shop some sweet SLEEVEDdresses– we know you all love those)!