Our Saddleback skirt has been a pretty popular style this fall; the grey one is almost sold out!  One of our fave bloggers, Lily, from Fifth Freedom Fashion did a little remix with the Saddleback in blue stripes.  It’s made of a gorgeous, soft fabric which has been handwoven on floor looms. (Follow that link to see video of that process.)

Lily does a sweet job walking the line between vintage and modern with those updated Mary Janes and that retro grandpa sweater.  Happily, they bring out the bit of creamy taupe in the skirt, too.

Pairing the skirt with maroon gives a fall jewel-toned vibe to the look.  This picture was taken back in October when it was a little warmer (hence the bare legs).  For winter, add tights and a navy pea coat – and let it snow!

Love the contrast of the golden yellow top with the maroon tights and boots – a great pop of color for a winter look. Do you see that 3-tiered beaded necklace she’s wearing?  That’s our Dainty Ladder necklace, and the red beads compliment the tights and add just one more subtle layer.

Layer it up!  This look does just that.  A striped long sleeve under a purple cardigan, under a navy blazer.  Add warmth literally and visually with a bright-colored scarf.

This pic is from a while ago, but I couldn’t resist reposting. Lily paired our Gatsby necklace with a white lacy top, which totally has a beautiful holiday vibe. It’s on sale for a steal at $12.99, so get it now to pair with your winter wonderland outfits this season and buy an extra as a gift for your best friend!

Thanks for reading! Check out previous blogger style posts & you can see Lily’s original post here.