You saw our first post about ethical gifts for Emily, but if you’re like, “Hey! Tell me what the Mata people WANT,” you’re in for a treat. A.J., our ever-pleasant Customer Service Manager, is up next! You might remember A.J. from our mention of her being the Volunteer of the Month at the Chicago Women’s Health Center. As you’d guess, she’s usually not one to ask for things, so we asked her to come up with a wish list:

Train tickets for the Southwest Chief line – leaving Chicago, stopping in Albuquerque, terminating in Los Angeles. What better way to combine your ambition to see the Southwest with your desire to read piles of paperback detective stories?

Wild Pepper Dark Chocolate Bars from Lake Champlain Chocolates – preferably enough to get you through a few days on a train (see above wish).

A well-worn jukebox and a big red ribbon (ribbon optional).

Danta Antique Brass Picture Frames – to fill up.

New pencils made from old paper – for completing next year’s lunch-break crossword puzzles.

A.J.’s picks are great for many different types of people, so check them all out! And if anyone has an old jukebox they’re looking to part with, she wouldn’t be opposed to it showing up on our doorstep.