Crazy Animal Town

Crazy Animal Town

Udaipur is one of my favorite places in India, especially because of its animal life.  It’s like being on safari, without leaving the city.  I’ve mentioned the cows, but there are many other creatures wandering the streets.  Within 48 hours in Udaipur I’d seen:

horses, frogs, turtles, donkeys, dogs (including a dead one), hundreds of cows and bulls, boars and/or pigs, camels, crows, a hawk, green parrots, ants of all sizes, crickets, grasshoppers, geckos, dragonflies, chipmunks

After 72 hours I’d also seen:

goats, cats, giant burgundy and bright yellow hornets, rat, monkeys, water buffalo

camel in a fancy hat


The one animal that I didn’t see this time in Udiapur (but they usually are here) is the elephant.  Lots of murals of elephants, though.