Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month.  Last year there were over 250 grassroots events around the country to promote and support fair trade.  This year there are even more opportunities to get involved.

Fair Trade Month is the perfect opportunity to show your dedication to Fair Trade practices and products.  This year’s theme, “Every Purchase Matters,” reflects the difference that consumers can make in the lives of farmers and workers around the world by voting with their dollars when they buy Fair Trade products.

In addition to buying Fair Trade, every action you take to promote Fair Trade matters too!  From taking an extra moment to ask for Fair Trade at your favorite restaurant to sharing the story of Fair Trade with friends and family, there are many quick ways for you to make a difference this Fair Trade Month.

On the Fair Trade Month website you can search for fair trade events in your area.  There are also fun and easy actions throughout the month to make a difference for Fair Trade far beyond every day purchases.

If you’re in Chicago, join us tonight in kicking off Fair Trade Month!

Fair Trade Mixer
at Simone
960 W. 18th Street, Chicago