• Jonit Mata
  • 19 Sep, 2010

Checking into the Panorama Guesthouse, my eyes scanned the lobby walls as I waited for the clerk to record my passport and visa information in his registry book.  Imagine my surprise as I looked up at this photo of the establishment’s roof top restaurant and spotted Michelle and Maureen!

It’s not everyday you see your best friends’ picture up in the lobby of an Indian hotel.   Obviously you can see that Michelle and Maureen are regulars at this guest house and for good reason…check out the view from our room:

I was particularly impressed with the guest house’s staff, who really make an exceptional commitment in order to work here.  These young men come from various parts of the state, as far as 6 hours away by bus, so they only get to visit their families for a few days every couple months.  They work long hours as cooks, cleaners, reception, room service and waiters, and are the heart of the Panorama establishment.

L-R Shantilal, Dhahraj, Mukesh, Ramesh, Santosh, Parassmal, Samrtaram, Virendra

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