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A Peek at the Process: Ajrakh Block Printing

Dating back many centuries, Ajrakh block-printing is a traditional Indian craft that uses vivid natural dyes and wooden blocks to print unique patterns on cotton fabric.  The process is elaborate and laborious, requiring numerous stages of printing, dyeing, and washing to achieve the gorgeous designs.

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Fair Trade Producer Spotlight: Tara Projects
All Mata Traders jewelry comes through Tara Projects in Delhi, India. Recognized as a Guaranteed Fair Trade member of the WFTO, Tara, which stands for “Trade Alternative Reform Action,” is the oldest organization we partner with, having begun in 1966.
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Fair Trade Producer Spotlight: Sadhna
If you love our hand embroidery, you have our fair trade partner Sadhna to thank for much of it. A passionate and supportive community and workplace for women in Udaipur and Delwara, India, Sadhna's membership has grown to include over 600 women.
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