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Are you scrambling through your closet right now, looking for the perfect outfit for the 4th of July party you have to be at in an hour?  Probably not, because then you wouldn’t be reading this post.  But, maybe your wardrobe does lack something to express your patriotism.  This is where Mata comes in.


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Hey, Mata fans! Have you seen our Obi Crescent dress in red?  It’s comfortable, breezy, and perfect for watching fireworks.  I think you see where we’re going with this.
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Hi! Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite Mata dresses, the Pagoda Pocket dress.  It’s a great little dress to feel comfortable in the summer heat.


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Meet Leela, Uma, and Gopi.

They are stitchers who create the intricate embroidery and applique found on many of our garments and accessories.  See them in action, stitching away:

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This is the story of what happens when 2 people have babies.  Well, specifically, when those 2 people are my best friends, and they get a fair trade fashion business up and running, and through that business they design clothing made of original handmade block-printed and screen-printed cotton fabric.  And then I join the company, only for those 2 best friends to turn around and have babies at the same time.  It’s soooo awesome for best friends to have babies at the same time, but for business partners, it poses some challenges.

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…doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas (Matawear goes anywhere)!

Last week my mom and I escaped to fabulous Las Vegas for some fun in the sun, and of course I brought along some Mata fair trade dresses to strut the Strip in color and style.

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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Start here – buy a Lonely Planet Peru and you’re off on your honeymoon!  In Dec. of 2011 my husband and I landed in Lima and loved it immediately – check out Second Home Peru, the best bed and breakfast in town and once home to Victor Delfin, artist extraordinaire.  His sculpture The Kiss sits smack dab on the ocean in “Love Park” in Lima’s Miraflores district.
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Today my grandma is 98 years old!  Happy birthday, Grandma Harriet!  Aren’t we cute in our twinsie Applique Plume Skirts?  Btw, the skirt is on sale for $32.  Get it while you can!
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It’s a new year!  And that means new shows, new trends, and new inspiration!

Here are the hot trends we’ve been spotting for jewelry this spring:

Mint. Want some color?  Go for green!  Shades of green are big big big, and everyone is especially loving mint and emerald.  The Fan Earrings are a perfect touch and look good with practically everything; pair this touch of mint with an all black & white outfit (also popular this season).

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Our delightful intern, Michelle, brings you some delights:

Do you love warm, gooey, and decadent chocolate brownies?  I do!  But sometimes all that sugary goodness can make you feel pretty bad about your life choices.  Why not decrease some of that guilt by choosing fair trade and organic ingredients!  Buying fair trade food items is surprisingly simple.  Many common baking ingredients like sugar, chocolate, and coffee are available fair trade from stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  Just look for the fair trade seal, and you know you’ll be good to go!

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